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This series of 13 episodes about the code of ethics was commissioned by a global company for internal use and developed in collaboration with MGA Ideas.

The videos were used in training new employees, aiming to provide an engaging way of learning. They were also used in a large internal campaign aimed at the current employees, encouraging them to revisit the code of ethics and talk about any related issues.


My main role was art direction and animation. I developed the style from scratch as the client wanted a different, more personable visual language to engage the employees, separate from the corporate branding of the external communications.

I created a style with a hand-drawing feel and opted to use vectors, so the process was feasible in the time and budget available. The illustrations I created for animations were used for the whole campaign in a variety of assets by the design team at MGA Ideas.

The animation style is kept simple on purpose, to keep engagement and draw focus without distracting from the main message.

Each episode covers one topic. Some of these topics are quite delicate, so we had to be extra careful when coming up with visual metaphors and getting the right balance between addressing a serious issue with a light-hearted tone.

The project has proved to be hugely successful, so the number of episodes has been extended over the initial plan and also translated into four languages.


Creative Direction and Production: MGA Ideas

Creative Director : Colin Goad

Copywriting: Mark Herring

Account Director: Olivier Sottile

Account Manager: Sarah-Jane Spencer

My role: Art Direction, Illustration and Animation

More info at: https://mga-ideas.com/portfolio/code-of-ethics/